How Can Reiki Help You?

Reiki Hands on

Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy, is a healing art that can help you balance your energy mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Reiki can be done on individuals, to those at a distance from you, animals, plants, water, on anything really or to situations. We are all energy and can benefit from the energy that is Reiki.

A Reiki Practitioner doesn’t determine what your body needs, neither do you. Reiki goes to the area of your life that needs it at the time of the treatment.

Reiki is meant to create an overall sense of relaxation. It can help relieve stress and reduce pain in your life. Along with traditional medicine practices Reiki can also be an additional aid in healing from illnesses and injuries.

Our bodies have the natural ability to heal themselves. With the right mindset and healthy lifestyle practices it is possible to help ourselves to heal from what ails us emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. This takes an active involvement in changing aspects of our lives. Sometimes we may think we want to be healthier and happier but we hold on to things we don’t want, as it serves a purpose to us in some way. Sometimes it just takes letting go of what we are holding onto and trusting that things will be better then they are.

Although I believe we can heal ourselves I also believe that sometimes we cannot prevent the natural course of action that illness has on us and it may eventually take us from this world. We cannot always prevent something from happening. However, I have found in those circumstances where someone is palliative we can ease their transition by reducing their pain and helping them leave on their own terms.

Reiki is meant to help and is not harmful in any way. Even just 5-10 minutes of Reiki a day can have an impact on your overall well-being.


For more information on Reiki treatments, or taking a Reiki class in order to treat yourself and others, feel free to check out my website or contact me at 519-280-3812

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