Eckhart Tolle calls presence a “state of consciousness that transcends thinking”. An act of just being not thinking. We do that without knowing it. Be it when we’re driving down the street listening to the radio with the windows down singing along, washing dishes, or having a dance party for one in your living room. All times of just being present in the moment.

Sometimes we get away from that in life. Even when I was laying on the beach today, I was thinking about writing this article and other things I wanted to do later. It’s natural that our mind is thinking about these types of things but we’re not being present.

I thought I was living a present life myself, meditating daily, going about my work, enjoying time with family and friends, etc. However, I have been longing for more than I am currently experiencing. Things that I want for myself that I either don’t have or want to improve upon from what I have right now.

I was reminded what is the point of longing, dreaming about, trying to control in my mind what I want in the future? It will not happen the way I want anyway. Also, I am not being present either in doing this. Waiting for the right man, having a family, right job, making more money, getting out debt, having the house, cars, whatever it is you desire that you don’t have now that you think will make you happier and enjoying life isn’t being present. We all do it. It’s wasted time though.

Is everything in your life the way you want it? Heck no! Neither is mine. I don’t presume to have the answers. Even lately I have meditated and my mind has been distracted by other things. I just decided to live in the moments I do have. Who says you have to wait until the weekend to enjoy life. Live the experiences you do have with the people you have them with. We are so caught up and attached to our phones that we don’t look up and experience life and the people around us. Not what I want. That is for sure. Could be missing the connection that is ready to be made or an experience in front of us. We’re missing out in life by not being in the moments with people, ourselves, in nature whatever it is. Life is too short to waste time on things, people or experiences that don’t make us happy, keep us present and enjoying life. Live in presence. I plan to!




Sheri Denomme – Reiki Master/Teacher/Consultant


Reference to: Eckhart Tolle 2017 – The Power of Presence Why Presence –

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