About Us

I’m Sheri Denomme. I first started training in Reiki in June 2011. I was experiencing some daily mid back pain from working a sedentary job. In the midst of the treatment I felt this surge of heat up my spine, and saw this white light around me. I felt so much like I was going to faint that we had to take a break so I could use the restroom. I drank some water and came back and he continued the session. I can’t explain this feeling, but to say it was an experience and I felt little to no pain for two years afterwards. After this experience I was drawn to learn more and have taken all levels of Reiki which included Reiki Master/Practitioner and am trained as a Reiki Master/Teacher. I was taught by Mark Brewer the Usui Reiki Ryoho and Gendai Reiki Ho Lineages to do sessions on individuals, groups, etc as well as teach people to be proactive in their own health by doing Reiki on themselves, others and even their pets.
I believe in an integrative approach to health where we can use traditional and holistic practices to maintain good health. I have seen the effects of Reiki first hand and from the people I have treated. I have been drawn to energy my whole life and am happy to help people in relieving stress and pain, balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self, along with aiding in their healing and other effects that help them in their everyday lives to be better versions of themselves.
I have also seen the effects other healing modalities and spiritual practices have had, so I integrate these practices as well. With further spiritual development of my own I have been able to tap into more gifts to give people intuitive and spiritual guidance on aspects of their lives. This can help them unblock what may be holding them back and help them move forward in their lives.
I am also very passionate about teaching and coaching people to help themselves and others.
I look forward to hearing from you!                                                                                      

Registered with the Canadian Reiki Association as a Teacher