“I have heard of Reiki before and I knew, generally, what Reiki was but I had never experienced it before. I decided that I would give it a try after I had learned from a friend that there was a Reiki Master in London.
I contacted Sheri and she told me a bit about Reiki and what to expect in a treatment. I had told her that I was having some trouble with a physical issue (I don’t know you readers well enough to go into the details! lol) and that I was considering Reiki to help deal with said issue. I made an appointment and it was amazing! Literally, I could not believe the results! I was so relaxed, the world around me was brighter and more vibrant, even the air seemed cleaner, I felt more attuned to everything around me. Needless to say I went back for another session!
During the summer I work in northern Manitoba, 7 days a week for 3 1/2 months straight. While there I was needing a Reiki treatment. “Well…” I thought to myself, “Sheri does distance Reiki treatments, maybe I’ll give that a try.” I was as skeptical as someone being hounded to by swampland in Florida, as to whether it would work or not! I had a session and could not believe that, for me, it was actually better than in person! The distance treatment convinced me that this was something I NEEDED to learn. When I returned home to Ontario, I took my Reiki level One certification course with Sheri and intend on continuing to Master level.
Anyway, as far as the physical issue that I mentioned earlier, it’s not completely gone, but it is far better than it was… Thank you Sheri, for everything!”– Darrell

“I have had major problems with my back for many years, not to mention my severe arthritis and horrible RLS (restless leg syndrome) saw the chiropractors, massage therapists etc.  Sure there was some relief but 1-2 days of relief just wasn’t enough for what I was spending. Of course from all of that I became a bigger skeptic on other ‘sources’ of potential treatments. I am here to happily say that after just 2-3 quick and relaxing Reiki sessions I not only feel more relaxed in general but honest to god I can say my back pain has diminished significantly, may not be a cure but for the time and little cost it was so worth trying out this old healing method. I can now sleep at night, bend my joints with little pain and next to no cracking of the joints as we all know can be painful. Buckets and buckets of thank yous to you Sheri and I highly recommend Connecting With Your Ki to the young, old and should include pets as well”.   — Scottie Carvalho, S.C. Landscaping and Masonry

“After suffering with arthritis for years I decided to try Reiki treatments. Not only did it help with the pain it also helped with swelling and stiffness. Don’t be afraid to give it a try”.  — Carol

“I’ll admit I went into this as a skeptic. She began by reading my 7 chakras and I was amazed to see how much the pendulum spun around on its own!!! From there, the healing began…She went through a series of hand placements and I could not believe the calm that came over me. It was a very moving experience. For the next day and a half I literally felt hungover. She explained to me that this is the result of toxins moving through my body and that I should drink lots of water to minimize these effects. The end result was a much less anxious, more focused and energized version of myself. I even felt more physically capable if that makes any sense. Sheri is a natural born healer and I will be a lifelong client”.           — Vanessa