Individual Reiki Treatment(1 Hour) – $60 – Individual hands on Reiki Treatment

Individual Reiki Treatment (30 Mins) – $30-  Individual hands on Reiki Treatment

Distance Reiki Treatment (1 Hour) – $60 – Like an Individual hands on Reiki treatment in terms of time frame, but its done at a distance instead of in person

Distance Reiki Treatment (30 Mins) – $30 – Reiki treatment done at a distance instead of in person

Animal Reiki Treatment (30 Mins – 1 Hour) – $40 – Hands on or distance Reiki Treatment to your pet

*Reiki treatment packages available for individuals and groups. Please inquire*                                                            – 4, 1 Hour Reiki Treatments for $200

Reiki Certification Classes:

Reiki Level I – $150 – Learn to treat yourself and others

Reiki Level II – $250 – Learn the sacred symbols used in Reiki for enhancing your ability to do Reiki. As well, you will be taught how to do Reiki to those at a distance from you

Reiki Level III – Master Practitioner- $250 – Learn to reach a higher level of vibration of consciousness and increase the effectiveness of your Reiki practice. An additional Symbol is also learned  

Reiki Master Teacher – $1000 ($750 if Reiki Master Practitioner taken with me) – Learn to teach others Reiki 

*A $50 deposit to secure your spot in the class will be made 1 week prior to all Reiki classes. The rest of the entire payment needs to be made on the day of the class.

Other Offerings: Can be combined with Reiki Sessions

Pranic Healing – Can be offered a few minutes before a Reiki Session

Crystal Healing – Can be offered during a reiki session

Clairvoyance/Intuitive work – I am often able to connect with source during Reiki sessions to give you messages to help guide you on your path. It can be intuitively what I pick up in your energy or messages that I see or feel from connecting with passed loved ones.

If you are not looking to do Reiki and just prefer one or some of these other healing modalities please inquire and we can discuss.