Eckhart Tolle calls presence a “state of consciousness that transcends thinking”. An act of just being not thinking. We do that without knowing it. Be it when we’re driving down the street listening to the radio with the windows down singing along, washing dishes, or having a dance party for one in your living … [Read more…]

Enjoy The Ride

  Process is a beautiful thing. We all don’t want it, however, its necessary to go through to get us to where we want to go. Making changes in your life, no matter how well intentioned, is like a roller-coaster. You have highs and you have lows. Sure we all want to be at our … [Read more…]

How Can Reiki Help You?

Reiki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy, is a healing art that can help you balance your energy mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. Reiki can be done on individuals, to those at a distance from you, animals, plants, water, on anything really or to situations. We are all energy and can benefit from the energy that … [Read more…]

How Do We Move On From Loss?

It doesn’t matter what kind of loss we experience it doesn’t make it easier to deal with it. Be it loss of one’s self, loss of a loved one (person or pet), or loss through an experience such as breakup or divorce. It just feels hard. We’re fighting a dichotomy within ourselves. When you experience … [Read more…]


Change. It’s scary and most of us don’t really want it. We shy away or run from it. We see it as this negative thing that we need to avoid. Is that really the answer though? We look at it as something we fear because it is the unknown and unfamiliar to us. Eventhough we … [Read more…]

Life Purpose

I recently started reading the book, “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. A book that I have had over a year, but hadn’t quite got around to picking it up. Thinking about it I believe there is a reason for that. Things come to you at the time you need them to, which is what … [Read more…]


Good Morning, Welcome to my blog. I will be writing about topics that have inspired me to grow, develop, and work on being successful personally and professionally. We all know that’s a work in progress, so I will show some fails too. How else do we learn but in failing. I may even throw in … [Read more…]