Enjoy The Ride



Process is a beautiful thing. We all don’t want it, however, its necessary to go through to get us to where we want to go.

Making changes in your life, no matter how well intentioned, is like a roller-coaster. You have highs and you have lows. Sure we all want to be at our goals right away, skipping the in between, uncomfortable and often scary part of the ride, that isn’t fun in order to get to the end – meeting the perfect man for you, getting the job you want, buying the house you always wanted with the white picked fence and having 2.5 children. We’re not in a fairy-tale though right? Well that may be what we were taught to desire, but life doesn’t quite happen the way we planned.

Can we expect our dreams to come true? Absolutely we can if it’s what we want for ourselves. We can work hard and go after our dreams. Do it with a fervorous passion and drive – a no give up attitude if that’s what you want. However, will the reality of your dream be what you expect or will it come to you at the time that you want it to? Personally, I say no!

We can’t expect a straight line to our goal. The difficulty in thinking we will get there the way and in the time-frame we expect to is we will always be disappointed. Ultimately, it will set us back and maybe even derail us from our path.

I believe we should set goals, take small accelerations every day to get us to where we want to go. However, if we hit a low sometimes or get struck on the ride we can’t beat ourselves up for it.

I have come to this personally in my life, as I have experienced some set backs or lows in my life that took me off track. I was stuck for a while in an unbalanced and unhealthy phase of my life. I could have stayed there and not gone forward as things didn’t turn out how I expected. Focused only on the outcomes, and never enjoyed the process. However, I decided to enjoy the ride- letting things go the way they were meant to go.

Sometimes we focus too much and try to control outcomes to the point we don’t enjoy the process. Like a roller-coaster, there is something freeing about enjoying the ride. Not knowing what it will do next or worrying about getting to the end of the ride in order to get off of it. Just letting go and going with whatever is happening in that moment be it pleasant or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying do nothing and wait for things to come to you as that doesn’t work either. Figuring out what you want is important and working hard each day to work towards it. If you get derailed though, don’t count on what you thought you wanted so much such as a job, a partner, etc, that you don’t allow yourself to get back on track. Focusing so much on something working out the way you think it should doesn’t allow the real opportunities and blessings to come through to you.  More of what you really need and deserve in your life will come to you if you give up controlling things, and just enjoy the ride for what it is.

Sometimes the things or people you want in your life aren’t meant to be there long-term. Sometimes certain people or experiences happen in your life or are there to help you through those lows. See that as a blessing you have been given. Trust in the process. In time, you will find someone or something that is better suited for you. Be disappointed, yes. Work through that. However, keep going on the ride, but pause to reflect on and be present with that experience as it was meant to teach you something in that moment. If you rush through trying to get to the end of the ride you’ll never see or understand what you were meant to in that moment.


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