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I recently started reading the book, “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. A book that I have had over a year, but hadn’t quite got around to picking it up. Thinking about it I believe there is a reason for that. Things come to you at the time you need them to, which is what it did for me.

Now I’ve only just finished the first two chapters, but it has really resonated with where I am right now in my life.  Success Principle 1- Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life (Jack Canfield).  I have been going though some personal struggles and found I was getting back into some defensive and reactive behavior, blaming others and complaining about what has been going on in my life.  I worked so hard on improving this the last couple of years, however it was creeping up again. When I realized this I decided to sit with that realization and not react to a situation that occurred but rather observe my behavior and do some physical activity (hot yoga in this case) in order to calm my mind and body. It definitely worked! A couple years ago I read the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. That book has so many amazing messages in it. What stood out the most to me was a statement he made “when you blame others you take away your power”. Right then I decided to stop doing that and it made a big difference in the personal and professional interactions I had with people and my overall well-being. Reacting differently to things around me changed the way I viewed those things, which was in a much less negative light.

Getting back to why I actually wanted to write this blog post today on Life Purpose. What sparked it for me was a couple things…reading success principle number 2-“Be Clear Why You’re Here”(Jack Canfield), and doing a chakra clearing meditation this morning before reading this.  In this chapter Jack asks you to answer three questions to come up with your personal life purpose statement.

Life purpose is something we all question, analyze, over analyze, mediate and reflect on. It’s not always easy to come up with it. Even when we think we know it we can be surprised once breaking it down like he did how simple and eye opening our real life purpose is. Jack Canfield’s way of framing life purpose did just that, surprised and opened me up to seeing and breaking it down differently. Letting your thoughts flow and not overthinking is what I found helped. Trusting your instinct’s and allowing yourself to give into the process of discovery of your purpose and not trying to make things happen the way you think they should. Sometimes you have to just believe and have confidence in what you were meant to do on this planet. The rest, the why, what, when, etc, will take care of itself. Breaking it down simply, like Jack did helps.


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